MPOV2 | Shackled, Lonely and Beaten

Filmed July 12, 2006 in Downtown Houston. Animal rights activists demonstrate at lunchtime in protest of the arrival of the Ringling Bros. Circus.


Robin Arcuri

Casey Constable

Penny Barrett Hornsby

Jewell Maida

Matt Rice

Stephanie Wood

2 comments on “MPOV2 | Shackled, Lonely and Beaten

  1. VJnet says:

    Ohh, It is horrible how animals can be treated in the Circus. And I think that Peta has good intentions and are doing a good job of trying to treat life with respect and inform the abuse. I just think that they have a reputation of being too black & white with no room for grey. I think that there are plenty of companies that treat animals with a good quality of life. But I think we should prosecute those companies that are curl to animals while they are alive. I think it is okay to eat other animals because some animals think it’s okay to eat us, I mean we are what we are and still need to be fed if that makes sense. And what humans eat also depends on the resources that we have around us in order to survive. I mean not everyone in the world can farm veggies where they live in order to live. Anyway, I just think that we shouldn’t be curl to other life and have respect for the food we consume because it gives us life as well.

  2. Scott says:

    Robin Arcuri is the hottest girl on the planet. End of story!

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