Five Days

Sitting at my (soon to be former) desk drinking coffee from a cup that I will probably take along with me. These are the things that have become important to me. Is it odd that this is what holds my heart now? This cup made it’s way home with me from Unity Theater at some point. It’s worn as hell, but it sat between my legs in my old car steaming me back to Houston some early morning or other. Those are the days I will miss the most…or is that among the most. Not only will I miss unity theater, but the whole “living in Brenham” thing last year was just what I needed in the times that Houston was just too much.

This leaving is getting harder and harder each day. I have always lived in Houston, or been tied to it. you know? Last night my mom and I were planning our trip to Georgia at 59 Diner. I saw a woman that I used to know, but couldn’t remember her name….she and I had that stare at each other that says “I know that I know you but I can’t remember why” that comes with living in a big city like Houston for over thirty years. She was having a going away party, heading off to Denver. Is she thinking these things too?

I have lived so many lives here. I have been the drunk, the druggie, the cranky newly sober, the waiter, the unrequited lover, the stalker and the stalked, the student, the teacher, the pianist, the musical director, the actor, the cabaret chanteuse, the friend, the loved and the despised… and now…that guy that used to.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy and excited about taking this adventure. But I leave on Friday. Five days. Counting today.