there’s something in the air besides the atmosphere

inspired by Liza, here are my favorite pics of myself circa 1988 or so.

This is backstage/on the patio at Number’s here in Houston. That’s Lene Lovich in the middle. The guy on the bottom left is my very first boyfriend, Bam Bam. That was the night I met him. Interesting side note: the other guy in the front is Jonathan Caouette, who went on to write and direct Tarnation. We ran in the same circles in those days.

Okay, the guy in the middle there is Les Chapell, husband of Lene Lovich and also the guitarist for the band, if I remember correctly. Do you like my hair?

please note the PETA t-shirt I was wearing, I was a vegetarian back then.


6 comments on “there’s something in the air besides the atmosphere

  1. mikeypod says:

    hey! someone really reads these entries!

  2. David In Denver says:

    Oh wow… is that a SWATCH I see? I think I still have one… buried in a drawer… somewhere.

  3. mikeypod says:


    yeah david, that is actually an official swatch from the 1986 (1985?) world fair in Vancouver! I wish I still had that thing!

  4. Otis Chance says:

    Wow. I google Lene Lovich and I find a picuture of her at Numbers?!? I was there every Saturday night in the late 80s early 90s.

  5. mikeypod says:


    Otis, we must have known each other at some point, I was there so much during that time period as well!

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