Month: January 2007

MikeyPod 80 | Update and music from NYC

How NYC is treating me, what the hell with the podcasting, some great tuneage, etc.

Superhero-Brad Clymer
Been To Hell-Phil Kline from Zippo Songs

Catching up, podcast in the works.

So at last I have a moment to catch up on the goings on here in NYC. I had a whole weekend of “oh no, THIS is why I moved here!” Where to begin?

Saturday, I met the effervescent Duncan for lunch at a really great Chinese place called Lucky Sunday. it was really quite good, especially on such a cold day. I mean COLD. There was a wind chill of 2 degrees or some crazy shit like that. I am really grateful that there are so many folks here that I already know from LiveJournal and stuff, especially cool ones like Duncan.

I spent the rest of the afternoon roaming Midtown/Time Square and who knows where else. I was trying to find a bank to cash my first check from Starbuck’s, but it turned out that all of the Wells Fargo banks in that area were actually Mortgage Centers or something. I set up direct deposit yesterday, so no more of that nonsense.

That night I met my friend Trey at The Eugene O’Neill Theater between performances of Spring Awakening. He was finishing up another project downstairs so I got to talk to the (kinda cute, but young) Cellist for the show for a bit. It was nice to see Trey after so long. He was my best friend in High School. Seriously, so nice to be in the same city again.

Sunday morning, some of my sister’s friends came over for brunch, which was nice, I made cinnamon rolls. Delicious and fun to make, but very time consuming. Then I headed to Harlem to meet Eve at a reading of Fred Ho’s Dragon vs. Eagle at the Apollo Theater. It was the very first reading, so it was kinda hard for me to follow, but there are some really excellent ideas in there, i am looking forward to see what it becomes.

Eve and I walked through part of Central Park and some other parts of the city which are still a blur to me, I am getting better footing, though, on how the city is laid out. Did I mention that I love living here?

Eve is kicks serious ass. We met in person maybe nine years ago during a workshop at DiverseWorks in Houston, and I interviewed her on my podcast months ago, but never having really spent time together in person, i was a little wary of what spending a whole day together would be like. She is so easy to be around and we had lots of things to talk about.

After eating dinner at Chickpea, we wandered down to Joe’s Pub for a performance of Phil Kline’s work. It was just amazing, but I am going to talk about it some more on my next podcast so I will spare you the details now. Hopefully I will play some of his music on tomorrow’s podcast as well, I’m waiting for his response to my request for permission.

Anyway, after the concert, Eve and I walked back to her apartment and then she directed me back to the F train and I headed home.

yesterday? Starbucks all day. hmmmmm.

Speaking of Laurie Anderson

here is an excellent interview with her where she talks about her residency at NASA, and those long 10 mile walks I talked about a while back.

Love her.