Month: April 2007

MikeyPod 88 | The F*ck Show!

This show is not worksafe!

Ranting about the coffee shop

Customers are assholes

Fuck It- Bob Schneider

Dave Calderbank

Fucking Boyfriend- The Bird and the Bee buy it in iTunes

That Is Real Good Tech

Voicemail from Chris Doelle, Laura, Kentie, Zillafag, Kiko, and James in LA.

Unity Theater

Laurence Simon

Frances Newton

Invitation to sponsor episodes of MikeyPod in hopes of raising money for a new portable recorder.

Fuck Her Gently-Tenacious D


MikeyPod 87 | Kurt Vonnegut and Dave Soldier-A Soldier Story

I just discovered this Radio Opera with libretto by Kurt Vonnegut and score by Dave Soldier. Tells the story of Eddie Slovik, who was executed by the United States Army for desertion in 1945. Definitely worth a listen. Stop by Mulatta Records to buy the CD, and to check out Dave Soldier’s other work. thanks to them for making this radio opera available.

Brooklyn Vegan
Mulatta Records
Dave Soldier
Kurt Vonnegut
Eddie Slovik