Lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice and it all comes down to you.

Today I am leaving my sister’s place in Brooklyn and moving to Eve‘s place in the East Village. I will be staying there for the bulk of the summer, painting and doing minor repairs in exchange for housing. I am hoping this will be the last stop on my nomadic tour of the Eastern half of the United States. I am tired and I want to have my own space.

Was it two years ago that folks like Issa and Brandon bewitched me with the romanticism of this nomadic lifestyle? They were right, of course, and so was I – this has been an amazing year. I experienced the support of the universe or God or whatever that is in the form of all of us that are connected to it. All of my needs have been met, even when I had to be hospitalized in December. I never dreamed I would hear a Doctor say “I couldn’t care less if I get any money from you,” or that I would get an email from a former client asking how she could get $1000.00 to me in order to help with potential hospital expenses. In this whole year of minimal to no income I have not had a day without shelter or food. I’m lucky. Yes.

Even though I have gotten a deep understanding of the fact that I am not my possessions or my income, I miss having a place of my own. There is a certain connection…or maybe a sense of… well, home that I dearly miss in a really soulful way.

So yes, today I carry a few bags into Manhattan and set up “home” in another spare bedroom. It will be exciting to live in the thick of it in New York City, and Eve is such an inspiring friend, I will love being around her when she is in town, but I am longing now, more than ever, to get my employment life in order and start paying rent on my own place again. Who knew I would ever miss paying rent?