Click the photo above for 14 minutes of Mongo and Joe New Year’s hijinks! Kudos to Joey for his editing! Damn fine work my friend.


7 thoughts on “The Mongo & Joe Show New Year’s Eve Special

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    O, that was REAAAL good! A++ WILL WATCH FROM AGAIN! Real good editing turd.

    I hope you guys do more shows together, you’re obviously real good turdgether.

    It was also nice of jew to bring ali myvagina with on the ride… we all know he don’t get out of the corn-whore store enough.

    Only thing missing was the after ball-dropping mess (ie, hobos throwing up, etc).

    Keep on Keepin On.

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    Tim Corrimal

    Hey Mikeypod,
    Great show with Joey! You guys just rock! I definately think you should continue the Mongo and Joe Show! You guys just rock. And it was great hearing a bit from Ali Mahajani on the video. That was a real good New Years!

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