MikeyPod 120 | Musician Christopher Willits

Guitarist, electronic musician, composer, and all around bad-ass, Christopher Willits joins me this week to discuss his collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ocean Fire an lots of other stuff.

Music featured:
Toward Water – Willits + Sakamoto (from the album Ocean Fire) amazon
Colors Shifting – Christopher Willits (from the album Surf Boundaries) emusic iTunes amazon
Or With the Tea – Christopher Willits (from the album Folding, and the Tea) emusic iTunes

Special thanks to Evan Balmer at KAB America.

Christopher Willits
U.S. tour April 12th – May 7
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Ryuichi Sakamoto
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3 comments on “MikeyPod 120 | Musician Christopher Willits

  1. Shawno says:

    Great interview, Michael. For the record, I can listen to interviews with musicians all day and night, so keep ’em coming! Enjoyed some of the songs, too. Even though they’re a bit outside of what I’d normally play.

  2. mikeypod says:

    dude thanks so much for listening and commenting! I love doing the interviews with musicians, especially people like this!

  3. Rob says:

    Awesome show Michael. I’m looking forward to getting a few of Christopher’s records!

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