MikeyPod 138 | Stone Free

A little loopy, but no worse for wear. This is my first show post surgery. Listen for rockin’ tuneage, a Mammut t-shirt/CD giveaway and….um…. did I mention the rockin’ tuneage?

Don’t forget about Pride 48 this weekend! 48 solid hours of live gay podcasters! I’ll be on from 9-11 am EST!

The Songs:
(00:35) So Much Left To Say – Nicholas Howard
(07:27) 1901 – Phoenix
(10:36) Velvet – The Big Pink
(14:45) Cheerleader – Grizzly Bear
(21:10) Doorway – Jennings
(24:33) Rauðilækur – Mammut
(28:06) He Was A Big Freak – Betty Davis
(34:02) Clangour and Flutes – Sin Fang Bous
(37:07) The River – Anathallo
(41:43) Harmless Lover’s Discourse – Odawas
(47:48) Ljósið – Olafur Arnalds

The Links:
Other Music
Pride 48
Ariel Publicity

1 comment on “MikeyPod 138 | Stone Free

  1. Great set list. Interesting…I dig your craft. Vegan eh? Not sure if I can give up a rare steak…hmmm. lol. Good for you tho. Dig it!

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