MikeyPod 149 | Musician Robert Conroy

In this episode, I sit in New York City’s Christopher Park with Robert Conroy of the duo Misty Roses. Have a notepad on hand while listening to this show, so many references and influences to check out! My netflix queue got a solid work out ofter talking to Robert.

The songs:
Dreaming of Delphine from the album Villainess
Starry Wisdom from the album Villainess
Innsmouth Jewelry from the album Monster Zero
Nicht Plus Ultra from the album Villainess

Buy music from Misty Roses on emusic, iTunes, or your favorite music seller!

Also, I’m curious about how you guys like this type of interview show as opposed to the regular musiconly type shows. Does the sound of the city add a nice ambiance or do the honking horns make you want to chew ground glass. I would love some feedback! Thanks!

2 comments on “MikeyPod 149 | Musician Robert Conroy

  1. Martha says:

    I love your podcasts! I am an ethical vegan and a faithful listener to meat free radio. That is how I discovered you:) I am a graphic designer and do alot of mind numbing work that tolerable with your generous work on internet radio.
    I do not have a fancy phone that I can twitter with but I did open twitter on my Mac because of all your twittering. so I will try to get up with it.

  2. Martha says:

    I always like interviews.Have you listened to Nic Harport on KCRW. he used to host morning become eclectic but got moved to Sunday nights. he has 30 years of music interviews. much of which is archived on KCRW broad cast out of Santa Monica. Big names like Bob Dylan. KCRW studio is near the Filmore the bands would come in for an interview before the show. you might find it interesting.
    keep bringing us your music you have eclectic taste like Nic an a new generation.

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