MikeyPod 150

Music. It is good.

(00:00) Like A Prayer – John Wesley Harding
(04:48) Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
(09:47) Ambling Alp – Yeasayer
(13:38) Mudra – Stereolab
(21:42) Claustrophobia – Choir of Young Believers
(26:34) The Carpathians – Ben Frost
(29:27) Paradise Circus – Massive Attack
(38:16) The Book of Love – The Magnetic Fields
(40:55) Bliss – Kristin Hersh
(44:30) Roll Over- Uniform Motion
(49:26) Oh, The Divorces! – Tracey Thorn
(55:09) Taxi Cabs & Country Roads – Zia Hassan

6 comments on “MikeyPod 150

  1. Zia Hassan says:

    Honored to be on a playlist with Ben Frost and Yeasayer.

  2. Shawn says:

    I like that Magnetic Fields song. Need to check out more of their stuff.

  3. mikeypod says:

    Zia: Please teach me how to say your name properly! So sorry if I butchered it.

    Shawn: That track is from 69 Love Songs. It’s a three CD set…it’s kind of amazing. 🙂

  4. fantastic collection

  5. ART in HOOTERVILLE says:

    LOVE your PODCASTS……LOVED “Like a Prayer” (one of my ALL-TIME FAV Songs!) & HOME…..along with KRISTIN & “OH! The Divorces!” (very appropriate in light of TIGER WOODS & JESSE JAMES!…..and LOVED the last song “TAXI CABS & COUNTRY ROADS”…..always LOVE listening to “NEW” music – THANKS for Sharing!


  6. Zia says:

    Mike, it’s Zee-uh.

    Thanks to Art as well!

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