New Music from New Amsterdam

I’m feeling much love for a couple of new releases from New Amsterdam Records today and I’m inspired to write a rare text post on the site to tell you about them.

Chamber sextet yMusic‘s Beautiful Mechanical features debut concert works from Annie Clark (St. Vincent) and Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond), alongside new pieces from Son Lux (Ryan Lott), Judd Greenstein, Gabriel Kahane, and Sarah Kirkland Snider. It’s the perfect representation for me what new Amsterdam does so well in combining classical and indie rock styles with great success.

The violin/guitar duo itsnotyouitsme released everybody’s pain is magnificent this week as well. This album reminds me of why I’m not a music critic. I don’t have enough words. Just listen. It’s really breathtaking.

Both albums can be streamed from the New Amsterdam site. You can thank me later.

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