Walker Lukens is my fantastic guest today. Lots and lots of music make for a extra long show. Support these artists please.

The Songs:
Her Fantasy – Matthew Dear
The Fun Powder Plot – Wild Beasts
The Cave (Hobotech Remix) – Mumford and Sons
Ships On Fire – Magic Panda
To Mars – The Maidu
Applesauce – Animal Collective
Dimensional Flow – Senator Jaiz
Our Hearts, Our Hands – Otem Rellik
Lover – Walker Lukens
Anna (Go To Him) – Walker Lukens
I Think I Need A New Heart – Magnetic Fields
Archaeology – Sweet Billy Pilgrim
I Was Young When I Left Home – Antony + Bryce Dessner
3055 – Ólafur Arnalds

*Update* I misspoke. The name of Magic Panda’s album is Temple of A Thousand Lights and, though it’s not released yet, you can listen to the whole thing on soundcloud.

5 thoughts on “MikeyPod 163 | Musician Walker Lukens

  1. Eban

    Great show! Thanks so much for featuring Senator Jaiz. I appreciate it more than you know. All the tunes were great but the Hobotech remix of The Cave was awesome!

    Eban (Senator Jaiz)

  2. Shawn

    Cool interview. I’m very intrigued with this trend of solo artists/duos using loopers. It’s something I’d like to explore myself at some point.

    Wild Beasts rule!

    And sorry to hear about your mom. it always sucks when people you care for pass away.

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