MikeyPod 180 | Artist Scott Teplin


I met Scott Teplin pretty soon after I moved to Brooklyn and quickly became a fan of his artwork. I’m really fascinated and inspired by his use of crowdfunding and his most recent Kickstarter brought in well above his goal: $26,417.00! A chat we had recently in our local coffeeshop, Steeplechase,  inspired me to invite him to be on the podcast,  and it turned out to be a really great show.  Check out Scott’s résumé here. It’s pretty impressive and I didn’t do such a great job with his intro on the show. Saying stuff is hard.


Everynight – Walker Lukens
Burglar – The Wheel Workers

Scott Teplin's "Big Hospital"

Scott Teplin’s “Big Hospital” (Click the photo to make it bigger!)

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