MikeyPod 193 | Photographer Spencer Gordon

A few episodes back when I talked with Scott Teplin I decided to share the podcast with our neighborhood listserv, thinking some of our neighbors might be interested in hearing the discussion and hoping to find some new creative folks in the neighborhood to chat with on the podcast. Soon after that I got an email from Spencer Gordon. I checked out his work, we had a brief email exchange and here we are with a podcast. I hope you enjoy the conversation and do take a minute to check out his website. His photos are really spectacular.

I talked about about my new Drip. Check it out here and subscribe if you wanna.

Don and Sherry (Hot Chip Remix) – Matthew Dear
Howl – Rabbit Wilde

4 comments on “MikeyPod 193 | Photographer Spencer Gordon

  1. Mike!!!
    Thank you!
    Really enjoyed speaking with you.
    Rock on man.

    1. mikeypod says:

      A great pleasure to speak with you, sir!

  2. Great interview, really enjoyed listening to it!

    1. mikeypod says:

      Thanks for checking it out, Ruben!

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