MikeyPod 194 | Actor Gardiner Comfort

I met Gardiner Comfort a couple of years ago when he invited me to perform at his fantastic writer’s salon New Work New York. Through the magic of social media, we’ve stayed connected and I remain a fan of his work. I was thrilled to chat with him on the podcast about his new show, The Elephant in Every Room I Enter, which details his week attending the Tourette Syndrome Association National Conference in Washington, DC. Gardiner talks his life as an actor with Tourette Syndrome and the process of putting this show together with his director, Kel Haney. The show opens next week at La MaMa.

I need to give a big shout out to this show’s sponsor, Ability Shirts. Ability Shirts is a nonprofit corporation that supports individuals with “unique abilities.” Adam Farris, Director of Ability Shirts, prefers to use the term to categorize those who are considered to have disabilities. Adam is a former student and a good friend, so I am proud to share with you guys about his work. Go get yourself some shirts!

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Headfirst – Secret Someones
Backyard – Module One

I was having some technical issues with Skype during the last part of the show and had to cut a portion where Gardiner was talking about his creative team for the show. I listed them below so they wouldn’t go unmentioned!

Gardiner’s Creative Team
Kel Haney- Director and co-creator
Gardiner Comfort- Performer and co-creator
Elisheba Ittoop- Sound designer
Daisy Long- Lighting designer
Dan Safer- Choreographer
Summer Lee Jack- Costume Designer
Caite Hevner Kemp and Lianne Arnold- Scenic and projection designers

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