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Raffaella Ciavatta and Lili Trenkova are the co-founders of Collectively Free, an activist community that works towards total animal liberation through anti-speciesist messaging, highly creative, non-violent actions, and pro-intersectional, empowering community building. I have participated in a number of actions with Collectively Free, and I have always walked away feeling deeply respectful of how they conduct themselves as activists and as an organization. On a personal note, I adore these two humans to the max, and am so happy to have them on the podcast.

This interview was recorded a number of weeks ago, and I get into the details of the delay a bit more in the podcast itself, but in a nutshell I want to say that my getting it posted today is the result of an effort to hold myself more accountable to my various self-motivated creative projects like this podcast. Casey Neistat talked about the concept of “always be closing” in his vlog 286 Losers and Closers. I had this podcast sitting in my back pocket, along with a couple of remixes I have promised to producing colleagues that are “unclosed.” Getting this podcast posted today is part of an effort to change this story I tell myself about how I leave things unfinished.

In the podcast you will also hear me make a commitment to Raffa and Lili that I did not keep about getting my shit together with my guitar playing. The new, updated and FIRM date for that is Feb 8.

That’s enough about that for now. Enjoy the podcast and look for my guitar videos on Feb 8!

This just in: Collectively Free are raising money to host four days of talks, discussions, workshops, and – of course – actions in New York City!  click here to donate!

Four (Rival Consoles Mix) – Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm
Tecuhtli – Oblique Quartet

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  1. Shawn says:

    The F barre chord can be tough, especially on acoustic guitar. If you’re playing other open chords, there is a “cheat” F-chord you can play that I think is like a maj7. Really, all you do is make the shape of a C-major (open, not barre) chord, then move the middle and ring fingers down to the strings below, same frets.

    Another alternative is to just play the lazy “power chord,” an F5, starting with the F barre chord but only playing the 3 bass notes. You lose the sound of the full chord but it’s easier on the fretting hand and you’ll still retain the overall note sound if you’re switching chords. If you really need to hold the F for awhile this might not be the best choice but it’s worth considering, depending on the piece. Best of luck with the practicing and reaching your goals!

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