MikeyPod 214 | Director Ace Salisbury

I ran across the new web series Everything’s Okay last week (via Shark Party Media) and fell immediately in love with it. The very next day I found myself conducting an interview with its creator,  Ace Salisbury, which I share here for your listening pleasure.

EVERYTHING’S OK is an episodic series best described as a ‘post-apocalyptic cardboard punk’ adventure. Its first episode debut’ed as a short film at Cannes this year, and the entire 8-episode series will be premiering online, one episode every other week through the coming months. Most notably, the series was scored with brand new, original music from Rob Crow of Pinback. The brand new trailer includes the song, “Dismal Failure (Hold Me Stay Away)” by Rob Crow, exclusively heard in this trailer and in the series finale of Everything’s Okay.

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Either way, I hope you enjoy this interview!


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