MikeyPod 228 | Musician Christopher Willits

There are few artists who inspire and thrill me like Christopher Willits. His oceanic, shimmering music is a perfect representation of the kind and open human he proves himself to be each time I talk with him. We chat here about his soundtrack work on the new film The Art of Listening, in which he is also a subject. Christopher’s work has a decidedly meditative quality, and it was fun to scratch the surface of the music and talk about his spiritual relationship to his work. Christopher’s approach toward composition seems to be a practice in both creating intention and in letting go.

My own creative work has been directly influenced by Christopher — I literally would not be doing the type of electronic music I do now without Christopher’s influence — so I have a special fondness and appreciation for what he does. I feel honored to talk with him here, and I know you’ll love this fascinating conversation.

Visit Christopher Willits’ website, and follow him on Drip, SoundcloudTwitterFacebook, and Instagram.
The Art of Listening is available to watch for free on its website and on YouTube.


Both tracks from The Art of Listening (Original Score Soundtrack) available here.
Photo of Christopher Willits by Tomo Saito


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