MikeyPod 227 | Writer, Filmmaker, and Actor Emmett Jack Lundberg

Emmett Jack Lundberg is the creator of the fantastic Brothers, the first narrative series about a group of transgender masculine friends.  Emmett and I talked about the history of the show, and then dug deeper into a discussion about gender roles and how we are each affected by them. I really enjoyed discussing our shared experiences as transgender and cisgender men, and I always dig talking creativity with artists who make work I love. I am so thrilled to bring you this ridiculously spectacular interview and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

In the beginning of the show, I talk about my motivation to create an archive of my work at archive.org.  I’ve been having some thoughts about a false narrative I have unknowingly created for myself so I am expressing an intention to shed that and move into more authenticity. I think many of us have a tendency to “hide our light” (if you’ll allow the biblical reference) so maybe there is something here for you to relate to as well.

Visit Emmett Jack Lundberg’s website, and follow him on PatreonTwitterFacebook, and Instagram.
Watch Brothers on Amazon Prime or Vimeo on Demand, and follow the show on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as well.

Storm – Jason Trotta (iTunes link)
Spider Web Anthem – Meredith Monk

Photo of Emmett Jack Lundberg by Demetrius Fordham.

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