MikeyPod 252 | Author Jeffrey Marsh

Jeffrey Marsh is a author, speaker, and non-binary activist who uses the Internet as their medium with tremendous success. Jeffrey was a huge success on (sadly, now defunct) Vine, but their social media success extends well beyond that with over 350 million views of their positive and inclusive message. Jeffrey’s best-selling book, How To Be You, made them the first non-binary author with a “Big 5” publisher, Penguin Random House.

Jeffrey and I talk about veganism, cosmic tasks, and the inspiration behind their book. I am absolutely enthralled with Jeffrey’s philosophy and the positivity they pour into the world. I loved this interview so. I know you will, too.

At the top of the show, I reflect on a protest I attended last week during which we occupied the lobby of the New York City Department of Health building, and check in with the latest on the recording of my forthcoming The Animal Album.

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Photo of Jeffrey Marsh by Daniel Silbert

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