MikeyPod 286 | Comedian Amber Rollo

This week’s guest is comedian Amber Rollo who talks with me about the events leading up to her confronting Harvey Weinsten at Actor’s Hour last October. I loved chatting with her, too, about her comedy, her music, her recovery and so much more. Another great guest this week I know you’ll love!

Amber Rollo is a California girl who moved to New York in 2010. Her standup has a dark New York edge with a sunny California smile that makes her a joy to watch no matter the topic. Amber performs all over the New York City, bringing humor to dark topics like growing up an orphan, the infantilization of female sexuality and reclaiming rape jokes. Her humor has a feminist tilt, because she has a vagina and that is the source of a lot of material. Period. Oh you don’t like puns, well her dad is dead, someone has to make them.

The Culture Then – Lauren Maul (Check out Lauren on MikeyPod 253)
Phone – Lauren Maul

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Amber will be appearing at The Creek all next week. Get your tickets here!

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