MikeyPod 287 | Musician ES Wex

ES Wex is a queer musician, songwriter, teacher, activist based here in Brooklyn, NYC. I knew I liked her music and her thoughtful social media presence, but I was not prepared for the absolutely joyful and spiritual journey our conversation would take! We talked about her work, building community with art, and the decidedly unique path she took to creating her latest single, “Surrender.”

Emily Wexler (ES Wex) is a queer Brooklyn-based musician/song-writer/teaching artist/activist who employs the transformative power of musical story-telling as a means toward collective liberation. She experiments with alternative r&b/electronic music and performs original music exploring personal and social transformation throughout NYC and beyond. In her local queer community in Brooklyn, she organizes multidisciplinary events to build community and center femme, queer, trans, and POC artists. She seeks to create spaces of healing, joy, contemplation, and empowerment through her music, and deeply values collaborations with other artists and the importance of building community through music.

Surrender – ES Wex
No – ES Wex (feat. Latonia Phipps)

Learn more about ES Wex on her website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify.

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