Mr. Hip is BACK! Donald Vincent returns to talk about his new poetry collection, Convenient Amnesia. It’s always a blast chatting with Hip, and this conversation ranks as one of our best. We discuss his work, its inspiration, and he leans a bit on his experience in emergency management to share some tips about how to navigate these times of COVID.

Donald Vincent received his BA in Writing and Public Relations at Loyola University Maryland and MFA in Poetry from Emerson College. He is also known as Mr. Hip, a music recording artist with music available on all streaming platforms. His music projects include Vegan Paradise (2018), Who Is Mr. Hip (2018), International Hip (2017), and Jokes From My Ex (2015). He teaches English Composition at UCLA and Visual & Media Arts at Emerson College Los Angeles. Originally from the Southeast sector of Washington, DC, he currently lives in Los Angeles.

The Recipe – Mr. Hip
Old School Hip – Mr. Hip

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As promised, here are Donald’s “quick tips to help you through the panic in an overzealous information age.”

Be prepared. Don’t panic: This is easier said than done. Make sure you have your necessities at home. Create a checklist of what you truly need. What you don’t have, try to order online to stay away from large crowds at the store. If you must go, then only buy what you need. It has been confirmed that there currently isn’t a shortage of food and supplies. 

Wash your hands and take the necessary precautions. 

Read trusted sources for information gathering. Feel free to use your discretion with “trusted news sources.” 

Don’t expect full transparency from the Feds. For all we know, at worst, this could be biological warfare with foreign countries or at best a hoax on part of the government. Either way, trust your instincts and be smart. 

Wait to watch the news. While I sat and wrote this, my phone alerted me 6 different times from multiple different sources about COVID-19. Choose a time on a 6 hour interval, 4 if you’re not the anxious type, and only watch the news then. If you’re checking the news every 60 seconds, you’re not living your best life. Try to be in the present as namaste as that sounds. 

Check on your neighbors. We’re all in this together. If you don’t know them, now is the perfect time to introduce yourself. 

Watch out for scams. Be weary of donations and requests for your private information. Be adaptable and flexible with any changes. Whether it be work, working out, or your hobbies, it won’t last for a long time. You’ll be back and at it in no-time. Think of the time when you’ll be able to cherish your social interactions in-person again. 

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  1. Nehru

    I know Donald and worked with him in Boston at the same agency. Ironically enough we are both in the Los Angeles now at the same time. He is an amazing cat and I am very proud of him and what he is going for the vegan, artistic, and black communities. Funny I am trans and in recovery and he is my cheerleader…I love that brother!

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