MikeyPod 173 | Musician Jason Paul of Japan Soul

10382126_10152150069148008_5328290119740531288_oJapan Soul‘s Jason Paul joined me for this talk about the making and inspiration for their new album Plastic Utopia.

You can see them live this Friday, June 20th at The Bitter End. 10PM. Be there!

Some Japan Soul links for ya:

We also talked about Kent Odessa and Chromeo.

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MikeyPod 172 | Activist Ken Kidd


I needed a briefing on what has been going on with Russia and their rapidly declining human rights policies, and I know no one better to talk to about these things than by dear friend and NYC bad-ass, Ken Kidd. This is an unedited discussion recorded on my iPhone in Ken’s office. No frills, but plenty of important information that needs to be heard. Listen. Share. Act.

Queer Nation NY
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Ken’s Facebook Page


With numerous thanks to everyone who donated to the show, I am pleased to report that I will be picking up my new mixer tomorrow morning! Thus, MikeyPod will go back to its weekly presence in your earbuds. YAY!

MikeyPod 140 | Four Year Anniversary Episode!

WOW! Four years! I assembled some of my favorite podsafe/specially cleared artists who have graced the ‘cast in these years. Also in this episode, a contest to win the first three issues of T.O.F.U. Magazine. Listen and win!

Seriously. Thanks to those of you who have traveled this road with me for the last four years!

The songs:
Landscaping for Privacy – Eve Beglarian
Coffeelocks – Gavin Castleton
Rollerskate – New Sense
Hurricane – Division Day
World Citizen – David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto | Other Music Link
Bloodless Coup – Sweet Billy Pilgrim
Colors Shifting – Christopher Willits
My Pod, My Life – Climber
Come & Play – Reuben Butchart
Calling All Angels – Jane Siberry
Changes – Finniston

Sorry, no time stamps this week. 🙁 Let me know if they are useful to you and I will bring them back!

Please buy stuff from Other Music. They rock!

MikeyPod 135 | The Things You Want To Hide…

Lots and lots of music in this episode, a t-shirt giveaway courtesy of eenie meenie records, the sad story of my hard drive disaster and how you can help using my Amazon wish list.

(00:06) Overture – The Unbending Trees
(05:03) Vermillion Plaza – Deastro
(08:50) 24.12 – B. Fleischmann
(12:25) One Fine Day – David Byrne & Brian Eno
(20:03) Slipstream – The Crystal Method
(25:11) Evrytm We Do It – Wallpaper.
(27:51) Rise – Chris & Cosey
(35:20) Crash Me Up –Telling on Trixie
(38:59) Everything Is Moving So Fast – Great Lake Swimmers
(43:14) The Strangers – St. Vincent
(48:31) You & I – Wendy & Lisa

Photo Credit:
Tractor-Crosby by flickr user Manky Maxblack

Well lookie here!

Apparently I am on a temporary hiatus from podcasting. Things are kinda banannas for me right now, but in a good way. I am teaching in all the boroughs (well, not in poor Staten Island) and musical directing A Grand Night for Singing at Theater 1010.

Fear not, things will chill soon and I will be back to the casting. Thanks to those of you who have been asking where I am!

Sketch o’ the Day – The Impromptu Quintet


If you are wondering what this is all about, I tend to draw all over random things that get in my path and Mikeypod was gracious enough to let me commit blograffiti here this evening. In part to provide his album art for this month, although fashionably late, but more importantly it means I got to scribble all over his blog for a while. That was fun, although not the part where I thought I broke the internet by doing so. I’d totally do it again though. Thanks sir!

– Alden (aka Secret Simon)


I had intended to hit the ground running with podcasts in 2008, but as I mentioned before, my old mixer died. The good news is that this was the inspiration I needed to get my new (to me) Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro mixer up (thanks luke kurtis!) and running. In the meantime, starting on Monday I will be offering “re-runs” of my favorite shows. I realized recently that there are a ton of them that are worth listening to again, and since I may have to wait for my next payday to get the podcasting rig going, I’d like to keep things going. Let me know if you have any special requests.

Joey is diligently editing our New years Eve video podcast, so look for that soon as well!