Arriving in Americus

We arrived at the hotel here in Americus about an hour ago. I haven’t been keeping up with the writing/podcasting as much as I hoped for this week, but it just didn’t feel right. We spent the last two nights on Panama City Beach in a hotel without wi-fi (gasp), so there was that obstacle as well. The last few days have actually been fairly low key, the beaches are beautiful and I have been enjoying spending time with my mom.

Sunday starts the 11th annual Freedomwalk, a 100 mile walk that calls attention to jailhouse conditions, courtroom practices and policies and law enforcement behavior orchestrated by the Prison and Jail Project. I will walk with them on Sunday, recording interviews along the way. Check out the section on Koinonia’s website that discusses their activism. Makes me even more excited to get in there!

Orientation starts for me on Monday. I will be sharing a duplex with two other guys, there is only one female intern so she will have the other half of the house to herself. I am still not sure how easy it will be to put up podcasts while I am up there, it seems reasonable that I should be able to put up one a week at least. I am also looking into a way to make phoneposts into my podcast feed. Any suggestions?

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  1. bicyclemark says:

    Hmm.. blogger had a great system for phoneposts.. it is actually how I started podcasting. Ill look around for some options.

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