MikeyPod 141

Lots of great music in this show, and my first show as a part of the Association of Music Podcasting. Another giveaway in this show, courtesy of Nicholas Howard

The songs:
Midnights (Fan Death Rework Extended) – Lost Valentinos
The Sun Is Down – Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band
Sleepyhead – Passion Pit
Destrokk – MGMT
Hand To The Tide (Sweet Billy Pilgrim Remix) – Catherine A.D.
Sister – Sufjan Stevens
Fireflies – Chris Garneau
Conundrum – TJ Moss
Mother – Nicholas Howard
Sideways – Let’s Go Sailing
So Many Days – Burzinski

The links:
Association of Music Podcasting

El RadioChris Garneau
“Fireflies” (mp3)
from “El Radio”
(Absolutely Kosher)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album


  1. Brian Rendel

    Thanks for another show, Mikey. Congrats on the Yoko “get.” I know you like Yoko, and because of you I’ve taken a closer listen to some of her more recent stuff.

    I really like the Chris Garneau “Fireflies” you played.

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