MikeyPod 271 | Musician ANIIML

I first met ANIIML back in 2016 when I interviewed her for the Our Hen House podcast. We connected so deeply in that conversation, just like we did on this one. She writes music for underdogs of all species, a beautiful mission that is deepened by her warm spirituality.

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MikeyPod 270 | Cartoonist Jason Porath

Picture it: exhausted, I am saying my last goodbyes at the closing party for Patrecon. There’s my pal Science Mom chatting in the stairway. I decide to quickly interrupt to say a quick goodbye, only to realize that the person she is talking to is cartoonist Jason Porath, whose creative work celebrates “women of history and myth who were too awesome, awful, or offbeat for the animated princess treatment.” We need to talk.

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MikeyPod 269 | The Return of Mr. Hip

My friend Mr.Hip just released a new album entitled Vegan Paradise, which was just the excuse I needed to bring him back on the podcast. We talk about the album, his inspiration behind it, and coping with the holidays as a vegan. Hip is a constant source of inspiration in my life, so I know you’ll love this interview! Continue reading →

MikeyPod 268 | Filmmakers Chelsea Moore and Erica Rose

I was thrilled to talk with queer femme filmmakers Chelsea Moore and Erica Rose about their film, Girl Talk. We talked a good bit about why storytelling is such a powerful tool for social change, the need for underrepresented people to tell their own stories. and so much more. I know you’re going to love this conversation!

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MikeyPod 267 | Cartoonist Keith Knight

I met Keith Knight at Patrecon a couple of weeks ago after his panel on navigating financial independence as a creator. I loved what he had to say on the panel, and of course love the way he uses his art to address racism. We talk here about his work, his music, his exciting news with Hulu, and how he has put together his career as an independent artist. Continue reading →

MikeyPod 266 | Filmmaker Allison Argo

Allison Argo and I just missed each other at the Compassion Arts Festival in Boston, but that didn’t stop us from finding the time to chat about her absolutely magnificent film, The Last Pig. The film is a intimate journey into the life of a pig farmer as he grapples with death, searches for compassion, and finally finds the courage to change. Continue reading →

MikeyPod 265 | Broadway Performer Sharon Catherine Brown

I met Sharon Catherine Brown during the intermission of Broadway’s Head Over Heels and was absolutely blown away by her kind and beautiful energy. I was, of course, thrilled to discover that she is also a fellow vegan. I’m so excited to share this conversation with you here where we talked about everything from her experience on the Broadway stage to her belief that we all must be activists for each other. Continue reading →

MikeyPod 264 | Vegan Zombie Chris Cooney

I have been a long time, devoted fan of The Vegan Zombie, and over our years of traveling in the same circles, I’ve been lucky enough to develop a friendship with its creator, Chris Cooney. I am so excited to finally have him on the podcast! Continue reading →