Month: November 2005

MikeyPod 26

Enjoy! Show notes??? AIEEEEEEE !! Trying to get outta town!


I’ll have a new show up late tonight or sometime tomorrow.

FYI, I will be on Yeast Radio‘s Thanksgiving Episode, discussing the Dec 13th execution of five time Nobel Prize Nominee Stan “Tookie” Williams with the illustrious Ms. Weinsteins. I’ll have more info about that on my show as well.

More later.

MikeyPod 25

The Black Math Experiment shows this weekend!

Discount Halloween Extravaganza
Saturday November 19 @ Helios
411 Westheimer, across from Numbers
10:00 PM

Gene Loves Jezebel and Black Math Experiment
Sunday November 20 @ HaVoK
5718 Fairdale
10:00 PM
$10, $12 ea for a couple

Thanksgiving, huh? By Laurence Simon

It’s Not the Bullet That Kills You, It’s The Hole – Laurie Anderson
Thanks, Mark

Ubu Web

Bicyclemark’s Activism 101- John Brown

Yeast Radio breaking the news

Democracy Now, Nov 8th

Italian Documentary discussing our use of Chemical Weapons in Fallujah

MikeyPod 24

Suzy Wager and I came out at pretty much the same time back in 1989 or so. We used to seek out gay movies, radio shows, and any other gay things. Over the years I felt that being out to most of the people in my life was enough. I was wrong.

Suzy and I got together at Barnaby’s Cafe Wednesday night to reflect on the state of bigotry/ apathy in our fine state.

Also, Marshal Click over at Gayborhood Radio invited me to be on his show Tuesday night, we had alot of fun! Check it out.

Houston Press

A writer for The Houston Press is going to come over on monday morning to interview me and hang out while I record an episode of MikeyPod on the Bayou. He is doing a feature story on Houston Podcasters, just in time for me to rant about prop 2.

At last, the world is catching up!

Send in your phone/audio posts please, it will be fun to have some extra feedback to play!

You can leave a voicemail on skype or gizmo if you want, my name on both of those in Mikeypod or call the voicemail line, 206-339-6682.


In my anger this morning about prop one I made this phonepost into my live journal. I thought I would podcast it too. It’s short.

an email to my sister

I really can’t bear to stay here knowing that 76% of the people of Texas hate me.

I have been through this before tho, so I would like to say that I am beginning to explore the idea of moving to Brooklyn. Would you be willing to give me some of your financial guidance as I begin this exploration. The only thing that has kept me here has been money, and you are so much better with it than I.

I am so hurt and angry about this realization, I have been so naïve about this state, about how people feel about homos.

Give me your thoughts.


MikeyPod 23

in this episode:

More from the NCADP conference in Austin.

Madge Weinstein calls me a nelly bottom.

A response to Dave Calderbank.

100 Word Story from Laurence Simon

Texas’ Proposition 2, did you vote today?

Podsafe (damn that word is retarded) Music:

Do the Bambi-Stereo Total from Kill Rock Stars
Rhythm-Page France from Fall Records