mix tape nostalgia

After reading Thurston Moore’s Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture (thanks Curtis!), my longing for the days of making mix tapes has grown. Back before CD burning was so commonplace, and before I digitized my CD collection, I would sit on the floor of my apartment surrounded by CDs, mixing, and listening, and backing up and replacing. I quickly learned the idiosyncrasies of each tape deck I owned, and figured out how to go from song to song without any annoying glitches or clicking, and agonized over finding a nice short song for the end of each side that fit both the mood, and the time remaining. I love that music has become so easy to access and share, but in many ways I miss the adventure and the act of creation that came with the old days. All that said, I just finished a mix CD that I am quite happy with. If anyone is interested, I will make it downloadable here.

2 comments on “mix tape nostalgia

  1. Jim Johnson says:

    I want this mix!!!! Hope you survived well the blasting, Mikeypud…

  2. mikeypod says:

    I survived the blasting. YAY! Now I am just waiting for the stone fragments to make their way down so I can pee them out.

    I just saw the pictures from your trip. YEE HAA!

    Whenever we get together next, remind me to bring you a copy of that CD.

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