mix tape syncronicity and mikeypod news

The short film Wow and Flutter is on the DVD that came with this month’s Paste Magazine. It tells the story of an adolescent boy and his love affair with music and the process of making a mix tape for his first crush. Just great, and this kid reminds me a little too much of me.

How do I love you, Paste Magazine? Too much.

In other news, I will be going into the hospital Thursday morning to have two kidney stones blasted by my (self described) friendly neighborhood Urologist and his trusty lithotriptor. Light a candle for me or something on that day.

Tomorrow night, though, I will be interviewing my friend Chris, a gay Catholic, to get his take on the lastest from the Pope. Upcoming shows will feature a local Pinoy Rock Musician, and my current favorite local band, The Black Math Experiment. Hopefully this makes up for the lull in outside forces to the show. Also, Bicyclemark should be back in the new year, and as always, you can expect more from my pal Laurence Simon as well.

3 comments on “mix tape syncronicity and mikeypod news

  1. Simon says:

    Hope those blasted stones are blasted well and that you come back with more kickass stuff for the new year! (I always enjoy your music choices sir…)

  2. mikeypod says:

    glad to know you enjoy the music choices, i finally tracked down that song you helped me find. I will put it on the show today.

    Oh yeah, I survived the surgery yesterday!

  3. JW Richard says:

    That’s good to hear, Mikey (about surviving the surgery). I was thinking about you.

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