Hey everyone, I just sorted through around 6000 spam comments and hopefully I rescued all the real ones. Thanks to epilonious I have installed a new plug in that will ask for the solution to a simple math problem before you can comment. If you get stuck, don’t forget that you have a calculator on your computer!

9 thoughts on “SPAM!

  1. epilonious (psyton)



    Glad to see you got the mod, like it, and installed it. I would say pass it on, but that increases the chances of spammers looking for a way around it.. but the guy who coded it seems rather smart and looks like he would know how to make it hard.

  2. VJnet

    Happy be-laded Birthday!
    I just found out when I listened to Wanda’s progrUm. You sounded so sweet and funny on it and you do a good Ali M. with a J impression 🙂 Have a great B-Day weekend! (-: VJ 🙂

  3. BruceCleveland

    Hey Mikey I just wanted to say Hello and Happy B-day…I hope you get everything you ever wanted 😉

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  5. Jihadist Jerry

    Ohhh no, I is no good at math! Ohhh noooo. Fatwah! on you! You bring back bad memory of Ms. Amenjendaddio. She hit me with camel dung when I no add good.

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