Kensington Fire

This is Jamie Moffett’s film about the 7-alarm fire in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood. The fire destroyed nine houses, caused over 100 people to be evacuated and left 400 families without power. One of the houses destroyed was a part of The Simple Way community who’s founder, Shane Claiborne, was on the show a few episodes back. Seeing the hope of the people in the neighborhood certainly puts things in perspective for me about the things in my life I feel hopeless about.

If you would like to help, stop by The Simple Way’s Website where there are links to various funds that have been set up to help all of the families affected by the fire.

[tags]The Simple Way, Shane Claiborne, Jaime Moffett, Potter Street Records, Philadelphia, Kensington[/tags]

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1 comment on “Kensington Fire

  1. MAKENA says:

    Hey Mikey !
    Thanks for the comment on our podcast site 🙂 Took the time just now, to load and watch the video on the 7 Alarm fire. Inspiring and meaningful. Blessings to you and all the good Kensington souls.
    Siena and Toast

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