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NIU Support Chillcast

Despite the fact that Anji Bee and I have both been podcasting for nearly three years, it has been just recently that we realized how much we have in common and begun a friendship. Still, I have always had great respect for her work and am really honored to be a part of her most recent Collabocast.

After receiving a letter from a Northern Illinois University student who was comforted by her show during the terrible time of the recent shooting, she pulled together 16 music podcasters to produce this show in support of a listener.

I strongly believe that the most valuable gifts we can give to one another have little to do with the material. This podcast is a fine example of the type of soul hug so many of us are in need of.

Give it a listen.

Anji Bee’s Chillcast #102: NIU Support Collabocast


There was a mistake on the podcast: the web address for Ian’s book is NOT .com

The Art of Ann Karp

I first met this month’s featured artist, Ann Karp, as I was planning my four month internship at Koinonia Partners in 2006. She was welcome source of calm and serenity during my time as a part of the community, always able to put things into perspective by taking me out for a run through the pecan orchards or keeping me laughing with her covert “vegeterrorist” actions. Maybe we will cover vegeterrorism in the podcast interview!

I had planned on starting the new year with an interview discussing her work, but had to reschedule when I came home to find my trusty mixer has apparently bitten the dust. Instead, I offer you this, a look at some of her artwork accompanied by her own comments about her work. Enjoy! (please note that clicking on the images will take you to a full size version.)

‘This Machine Kills Fascists’ was the line famously lettered by the old folk singer and wanderer Woody Guthrie on the front of his guitar. In this design I wanted to give my own generation a sense of his vagabond, subversive, uncertain freedom.

This ink-on-paper was drawn from an arresting photo from the book A Day in the Life of America. The caption: “Lizzy Mack, 12, lives with her mother, brother and sister in a single room on Manhattan’s West Side. The room is paid for by New York’s Emergency Assistance for Families program. Photographer Letizia Battaglia says, ‘Lizzy is like a First Lady, a star of society. She is intelligent, good and beautiful–but she is poor. That is the only difference.'” With both the photo and the drawing, I felt almost as if I should say “Good night, Lizzy” before shutting the book–she’s so tangibly there. The photo is from 1986. I wonder where she is now.

These fallen leaves were gathered from trees at Koinonia, the community where I live, and dried, lettered, gilt-edged, and glazed by hand. I like the idea of small, portable totems that remind the bearer of a truth. Usually, though, the truth is cliched. I’m not challenged by a stone that says “Love”–I too easily reduce it to an easy ideal. I’d rather have words that magnify and complicate a leaf’s simultaneous qualities of miraculousness and commonness, power and frailty, structure and decay–qualities we humans also embody.

This creature “grew” out of an ottoman in my friend Jo’s cozy living room one morning. I was in a daydreamy stupor, vaguely worrying about wrapping a lot of Christmas presents, and my pet rats were romping over the furniture. I’d like to do a whole series of spooky children’s furniture beings sometime.

All of these (and most of the others on my flickr site) are available either in the original or as prints. I also adore commissions; you dream it, I dream it onto paper (or leaves, wood, etc.)

-Ann Karp

vegan, baby!

I haven’t said it here for realz yet, but I am trying again to stick to being vegan. Today is day three. YIPEE!

Featuring Artists for 2008

I have been trying for some time to think of a way to involve the visual arts in what I do here at MikeyPod. When my pal Ann Karp and I started talking about an alternate cover art design for the podcast it dawned on me that I could invite some other artists to do the same.

MikeyPod Cover Art by Ann Karp

Here’s how it works:
Each month I will feature a new artist with a podcast interview and spotlight entries featuring his/her work. Ann’s design is up at the blog now, and I will be interviewing her soon (after I get some technical difficulties worked out with my soon to be old mixer).

I still have space for a few more artists this year, so let me know if you have any suggestions!

new voicemail number

oooooops. my old voicemail expired! Here’s the new one: 206-202-4178 look for a new podcast today!

MikeyPod in the Time of Cholera

Yes, it’s been a long time between podcasts, sorry ’bout that! If you need a MikeyPod fix, hop on over to my friend Chef Mark’s show. We had dinner last night and saw Love in the Time of Cholera , podcasting all the way.

I am editing the interview with George Tabb this morning, so it ill be up Monday!

Oceans of Dearth

Before the interview with Division Day at Union Hall last Thursday, Ryan (d-day’s guitarist) mentioned Gary Numan‘s album, Dance, which he has been listening to recently.

I bought the album about a year ago on e-music and after giving it a few casual listens on the subway, it fell into the abyss that is my ever expanding 120 GB music collection. So of course, the only comment I had about the album (which features the great Mick Karn on Bass) was regret that I had forgotten about it before I really gave it much of a listen.

As much as I love the extremely easy access to music that the internet provides, I really miss the days when buying a CD or two was more of an event. I discovered new music through my friends who were as obsessed as I was or reading music magazines. Buying a CD meant finding out about it, going to the music store to buy it, taking it home and then sitting down and listening to it while reading the liner notes. Don’t even get me started on the joy of making mix tapes sitting on the floor in front of my stereo surrounded by CD cases and an ashtray overflowing with butts.

Today, my rss reader is clogged with entries from music blogs that I rarely read because I get so overwhelmed with the number of unread entries (currently 2687) and the rate at which I download music makes it impossible to really listen to anything all that closely. Oh yeah… and I gave up smoking years ago.

Still, I don’t seem able to slow down. Like a Chihuahua who eats and eats until he pukes, how can I not continue? Is it just a matter of creating a more complex list of iTunes playlists, or maybe I should go back to buying CDs and start listening to music away from the computer where instant messages and twitters drive me from really paying attention to what I am listening too. Is there a way to live in both the past and present of consuming music and maintain a useful balance between them?

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