MikeyPod 162 | Musician Tim Elsenburg of Sweet Billy Pilgrim

Sweet Billy Pilgrim’s Tim Elsenburg joins me today to discuss his new album, his creative process and dishwashers as musical instruments.

The Songs:
Eyes – Jherek Bischoff
Lazuli – Beach House
Doom – New Beard
Joyful Reunion – Sweet Billy Pilgrim
Forget to Breathe – Sweet Billy Pilgrim
Running Up That Hill – Theo Bleckman
Tinseltown in the Rain – The Blue Nile
A Certain Slant of Light – David Sylvian
Love is Stronger Than Death – The The

MikeyPod 161 | Musician Derek Nicoletto

Great music and and an intimate interview with musician Derek Nicoletto. Listen and subscribe!

the songs:

Hold On – Sbtrkt
Financial District – Gold Panda
Amanaemonesia – Chairlift
Chameleon – Gavin Castleton
Kind Ghosts – Derek Nicoletto
Sugar – Derek Nicoletto
The Night – School of Seven Bells
Baby, I Love You So – Colourbox
Another Detour – Alice Smile
I Have The Moon – Lush

MikeyPod 160 | Vegan Author Sarah Kramer!

I’m so excited to co-host this episode with my friend and fellow vegan, Sarah Kramer. We had so much fun chatting about music and veganism and shared the infamous story of how we met. This show is a little longer than usual, but I couldn’t find a single second to cut out. Enjoy!

The songs:
Go Vegan – The Monkey Bunch
The Moon – Hill & The Sky Heroes
Summertime – Daddy’s Hands
I’ll Love You ‘Till My Veins Explode – Paper Cranes
In Your Room – M-Blanket
Icicle – Jane Wiedlin
Pissin’ In The Wind – Kathy Valentine
Avec Le Temps – Belinda Carlisle
Shiny Shiny – Haysi Fantayzee
I Eat Cannibals – Toto Coelo
Don’t Kill The Animals – Nina Hagen & Lene Lovich
Fragile Georgia – Anne Schaefer
Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want – Janice Whaley
Itsy Bitsy Spider – The Monkey Bunch

Where to find Sarah:
Sara’s Place
Go Vegan iPhone App

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MikeyPod 158 | Musician Mike Acerbo

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The songs:
Fairy Tale Love – Mike Acerbo
Year of the Dog – Walker Lukens
Pastoral – Katie Mullins
Emmylou – First Aid Kit
Trilby – Mike Acerbo
**Interview with Mike Acerbo**
The Search – Mike Acerbo
Coming Down – Anais Mitchell
The Gull and I – Reuben Butchart & The Millworkers
The End – Atlas Down

Mike’s album release party:
Friday, April 6th at 9:00
85 Ave A., NYC

Donate cash to Atlas Down’s recording project at indiegogo. Help some amazing college students out!

more Acerbo links:

MikeyPod 153 | Composer and Performer Corey Dargel

Corey Dargel’s latest album,  Someone Will Take Care of Me, deals with somewhat unusual disturbances in the human psyche with an abundance of empathy and compassion. He joins me on this episode to talk about his process with writing this music and why he is drawn to write the way he does.

Everybody Says I’m Beautiful
Impotent Teeth
Sincerely Yours
Everybody Wannabe

Corey Dargel
New Amsterdam Records
Andy Melton, my personal Lord and savior.
Gavin Castleton’s Kickstarter Page

MikeyPod 152 | Author Lee Hall

I’m joined on this (fifth anniversary) episode of MikeyPod by Lee Hall, who is the Vice President of Legal Affairs for Friends of Animals and the author of several books, most recently On Their Own Terms: Bringing Animal Rights Philosophy Down To Earth.

Thanks, as always, for listening to the show – especially to those of you who have been listening since the very beginning!

Stars and Stripes Forever – Matmos
The Sexual Politics Of Meat – Consolidated
Someone You Need – Howard Jones

MikeyPod 149 | Musician Robert Conroy

In this episode, I sit in New York City’s Christopher Park with Robert Conroy of the duo Misty Roses. Have a notepad on hand while listening to this show, so many references and influences to check out! My netflix queue got a solid work out ofter talking to Robert.

The songs:
Dreaming of Delphine from the album Villainess
Starry Wisdom from the album Villainess
Innsmouth Jewelry from the album Monster Zero
Nicht Plus Ultra from the album Villainess

Buy music from Misty Roses on emusic, iTunes, or your favorite music seller!

Also, I’m curious about how you guys like this type of interview show as opposed to the regular musiconly type shows. Does the sound of the city add a nice ambiance or do the honking horns make you want to chew ground glass. I would love some feedback! Thanks!

MikeyPod 148 | Journalist Joey Guerra

I decided to go back to my hometown roots for this show, and talk with The Houston Chronicle‘s ubiquitous music critic, Joey Guerra about his favorite music that came out of the Bayou City in 2009. Give this show a good listen and SUPPORT THESE BANDS!

Meet Me Off Main – Nick Gaitan and The Umbrella Man
Spanish & Jazz – Wild Moccasins
Where I Stand – Low Man’s Joe
Anchorbabe Stalker – Without A Face
Don’t Make It So Easy – TheLastPlaceYouLook
On A Rope – ListenListen

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