MikeyPod 55 | Soundseeing Houston’s Pride Parade

Finally! Soundseeing of the gay pride parade here in Houston. I walked around with my good friend Carolyn Johnson, ran into an old friend, and just roamed my first gay pride parade in years since I dropped the “self-loathing homosexual” routine. Also, new music from Lanky and Bronski Beat’s classic gay anthem, Smalltown Boy (iTunes link).

MikeyPod 54

Getting settled in with the new laptop, I apologize if you wound up with two versions of this show. This is a preview of some upcoming interviews, and some thoughts about my impending homelessness.

O Mikeypod- JayCeeLoop
Rollerskate (we will use our arms)-New Sense
The Halliburton Boardroom Massacre-David Rovics
Boytoy/Toyboy – Twisted Tutu
Eve Beglarian

well, there are still a few of the crackles. please help if you have any ideas what may be causing it.

MikeyPod 53 | Videographer (and dear, dear friend) Jeanie

There are only a handful of people whom I feel have truly transformed me, many of them with just a sentence or two. Maybe with words that they had held with them for as long as they have walked on the earth, or maybe something that had no idea that they held with them. Who knows. Since these are my last couple of months in Houston, I felt that I wanted to track a few of these people down and have them on my show.

The first guest in this series is my dear friend, videographer Jeanie. We talked over breakfast at One’s a Meal about her video project-Everyone Has A Story, the major turning points in her life and how our friendship blossomed.

Featured music:
Finniston– Changes Buy it in iTunes
Gay Dad- Everything Changes Buy it in iTunes

MikeyPod 52 | Chris Doelle from Fresh Media Works

Today I talked to Chris Doelle about his new Podcasting Network, Fresh Media Works. Also feature music from Triple Creme, Christopher Dallman, and Dalminjo featuring Anja Øyen Vister

Triple Creme
Triple Creme’s MySpace
Chris Doelle
Fresh Media Works
Podcast Ready
Christoper Dallman’s Website
Christopher Dallman’s MySpace
Ed’s Mixed Bag

MikeyPod 51 | Birthday 37, Summertime Blues, Feedback and Music

I guess the title pretty much covers it.

Chris Doelle’s Pod Music Countdown
Hollye Davidson’s The Artist’s Eye

**oooops! I said that Hollye’s podcast could be found at the PMN, which is totally not right. It is at Podcaster News. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking.**
What If I Get Sick-New Sense from the album Flowers Before Hours iTunes myspace

Miss Tony-Azita from the album Life on the Fly iTunes

This Lamb Sells Condos-Final Fantasy from the album He Poos Clouds

MikeyPod 49 | Rapper shing02 and Stop-Rokkasho

Japanese rap activist, peace advocate and inventor shing02 joins me today to talk about his current project with Ryuichi Sakamoto. Stop-Rokkasho was started as a means of raising awareness about the opening of a nuclear reprocessing plant in the Japanese village of Rokkasho. The artists invite podcast subscribers and visitors to the site to download different versions of the song and create their own remixes of the track to post online with a banner about the project. Let me know if you participate so I can link to you too!


vital links:
Ryuichi Sakamoto
African Jag
Operation Peace Crane