MPOB62 | Composer Eve Beglarian

At last! The hugely talented and inspiring Eve Beglarian and I managed to coordinate our schedules and talk about her new album, Tell The Birds, the ins and outs of being a human being, and lots more. I know the file size is pretty big, but since it’s music, I couldn’t bear to encode it at a smaller rate. Hope you can deal

I should also mention that Eve’s piece Making Hey has never been heard before—-a MikeyPod exclusive!

Music Featured:
Landscaping for Privacy from the album Tell The Birds
Making Hey previously unreleased
Solitude from The Story of B
Written on the Body from Twisted Tutu’s Play Nice

DiverseWorks Houston
Twisted Tutu
Pierre Louÿs
Phil Kline

MikeyPod 61 | Two Crazy Women and a Poodle

Dottie Berry and Roby Sapp have been traveling the country for nearly a year “trying to engage hearts and minds and create authentic connections with the goal to dissolve differences that separate us.” So refreshing to hear a new approach toward bringing folks together. I know that my default reaction many times is anger, maybe there is a better way.

Also, some music I love, a couple of promos and thoughts on choosing happiness.

Gay Into Straight America MySpace
Remarkably Mark
Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters
Third Shift Recording Co. Podcast featuring New Sense
Farewell Circuit

Music featured:
Good Day- Natives of the New Dawn Podsafe Music Network iTunes MySpace

Ready to Leave- New Sense Podsafe Music Network iTunes

MikeyPod 58 | Executive Director of Koinonia Farm Bren Dubay

It’s official… I am moving to Georgia in early September to be a community intern at Koinonia Farm. A number of people have asked me what was going on and what this place really is so I asked my friend, collaborator, former landlord and Executive Director of Koinonia Bren Dubay to join me on the show. We discuss the history of the community as well as what I can expect life to be like while I am there. I am really excited about this, and I am thrilled that you guys will be along for the ride!

Jane Siberry
Koinonia Farm
Habitat for Humanity
Gay Into Straight America

MikeyPod 56 | The Good News and the Bad News About the Big News

Today I address the long awaited big news, and talk about where the wind will be carrying me for the next year or so. Listen up!


Take the ‘A’ Train – Jonathan and Darlene

Bag Lady (I Wonder)- Ebn-Ozn

You Mama You- Jude iTunes link

other links:

50 Pound Note



Remarkable Palate

MikeyPod 55 | Soundseeing Houston’s Pride Parade

Finally! Soundseeing of the gay pride parade here in Houston. I walked around with my good friend Carolyn Johnson, ran into an old friend, and just roamed my first gay pride parade in years since I dropped the “self-loathing homosexual” routine. Also, new music from Lanky and Bronski Beat’s classic gay anthem, Smalltown Boy (iTunes link).