Media Manipulation

Last week Bicyclemark did the first of a two part podcast series discussing how the media controls the public. Really interesting stuff. It really helped me to understand something that troubles me about our society especially because I am among the first to buy right into it.

Right around World War I, Edward Bernays set out to manipulate the public using the theories of his uncle Sigmund Freud. He originated the idea that we aren’t just puchasing things but are in fact making ourselves better by owning a given object and projecting a certain image.

I have always thought of this desire as a sort of innate human weakness, you know, as if owning a certain car or pair of jeans, or a purse we become someone better. It’s frightening to think that we have been taught this weakness by corporations and the media.

Even scarier, this is the same sort of manipulation employed by Joseph Goebbles, Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister. Goebbels was directly infulenced by Bernays. Think about that for a second. Could our fine government be trying to manipulate us in the same way?

Anyway, check out Bicyclemark’s show. He explains it all so very well.

MikeyPod 18 | Dancer Dominic Walsh

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Interview: Dominic Walsh

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Activism 101 with Bicyclemark

100 Word Story: Numbers by Laurence Simon

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Sneak Preview

Tomorrow’s show will feature an interview with Dominic Walsh of Dominic Walsh Dance Theater. Here’s a portion of a piece he choreographed and danced entitled Katharsis.

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MikeyPod 17 | After the Storm

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100 word Story: The Paperless Boy by Laurence Simon

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