Month: July 2006


My car died yesterday. I mean died. Dead. The oil light came on and then a loud grinding GACK! No more. Oil leak? Bone dry. Tiffany and Seph came and got me, without me even asking them really, it is great to have friends like that.

“My car just died.”

“Where are you?”

And then they come.

I was tired of owning a car, and now that I realize that it really won’t be worth it to get the car fixed before I sell it, it’s time to let go. Or is that time to be let go of.

Last night I reached for my keys and they were lighter. The car key is gone now. Keys equal responsibility, you know? Jeanie and I had a long conversation about keys the last time we met for breakfast. I was dreaming about getting rid of them. It is starting. It is all starting.

Now I have four. One to my apartment and three for the various music studios I will be teaching in for the rest of the month before I go to Georgia.

MikeyPod 58 | Executive Director of Koinonia Farm Bren Dubay

It’s official… I am moving to Georgia in early September to be a community intern at Koinonia Farm. A number of people have asked me what was going on and what this place really is so I asked my friend, collaborator, former landlord and Executive Director of Koinonia Bren Dubay to join me on the show. We discuss the history of the community as well as what I can expect life to be like while I am there. I am really excited about this, and I am thrilled that you guys will be along for the ride!

Jane Siberry
Koinonia Farm
Habitat for Humanity
Gay Into Straight America

MikeyPod 57 | MOMMY!

Today in my pseudo series of the major players in my life in Houston, I present my Mom!  We talk about how Houston has changed over the past past 30 or so years, what it was like for her to have a gay son, and the story of my coming out to her.

MikeyPod 56 | The Good News and the Bad News About the Big News

Today I address the long awaited big news, and talk about where the wind will be carrying me for the next year or so. Listen up!


Take the ‘A’ Train – Jonathan and Darlene

Bag Lady (I Wonder)- Ebn-Ozn

You Mama You- Jude iTunes link

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50 Pound Note



Remarkable Palate

in the end, if you take care, you can be happy or unhappy anywhere

I got word back from both Blackwood Land Institute and Koinonia, Cath from Blackwood said “let’s talk” which seems to mean that she has something for me there, or some other ideas. Ann, the hospitality director at Koinonia said that i could start my internship there Sept 11 and stay till after Christmas. Then I would probably go on to NYC to live with my sister until I find a job. What to do? My sense is to get a wiggle on and just get to Georgia. If I stay here, I would be just killing time at Blackwood in order to do a show at Unity Theater (not even sure they haven’t found another musical director yet). All of that time could be spent getting oriented and settled in NYC. Of course, I have such strong attachments to Unity, I would love to work there once more before I leave Texas. Not to mention the fact that there may not be another time in my life where I am able to meander around the country like this. Would I be closing myself off to other potential adventures if I sign into life in the big apple sooner?
what do you think?

this is getting interesting

Well, it looks as though the “big news” has fallen through. For the time being, anyway. Interesting. Sadly, because the wheels are still turning, I can’t report what the big news was, because it still may be, but it doesn’t look as though I will be able to participate.

So strange to be sitting here in Brooklyn. One month remaining on my lease on my apartment in Houston, and nowhere to go, really until I begin my internship at Koinonia. HA-HA! Seriously. I am homeless starting September 1st.

There are possibilities though. I was offered a job Musical Directing the Christmas Show at Unity Theater in Brenham. I turned it down tho, so they may have found someone else, still waiting to see if they can use me for that. I also just wrote to my friend Cath at Blackwood Land Institute to see if she had something for me to do there or any ideas.


Strangely, no.

Today I feel exhilarated and excited about the vacancy in plans for the next few months. I also feel like I am letting go of so much that I was hiding behind and having to check back to my reliance on God/ the Universe… know. Whatever you want to call it that is taking care of everything anyway.

Of course, if any of you have ideas, suggestions, or an empty couch for a day or two, just let me know!

In other news, I am meeting with Chef Mark this afternoon for a tour of uptown Manhattan. I head back to Houston on Sunday.

Mikeypod Brooklyn, New York


This has been an extremely interesting week. The Dalcroze class is just amazing. There is so much compressed into this about musicality, rhythm, movement, history and how it all applies to musicianship. I think I reached my saturation point today right before lunch, one more day for me, but the entire class lasts for two more weeks. The teacher is one of those people that I just feel so gifted to be spending time and studying with. Tremendously moving experience. He is fairly brutal at times, but in such an encouraging way. A few people have abandoned the class already, and there was a huge drama yesterday where he kicked a woman out of class. She came back today.

I got accepted for a three month internship at Koinonia in Georgia. Officially I am going in February, but there may be a change in plans with the big news I have been talking about, in which case, I will try to start my internship in September. My friend Bren is the Executive Director there, and she and I have collaborated on a musical. Spending some time out there will give us a chance to do some more work on this show, as well as another play she would like to turn into a musical.

I went through a few days this week where I didn’t really understand anymore why I wanted to give up my job and Houston (read: familiarity/comfort) and all of that. It seems that I was really feeling the loss for the money I won’t be making and the things I won’t be able to buy and losing site of the adventure and experiences I am setting myself up to enjoy. Really now my point is to stop. Live with the fifteen bucks a week I will get at Koinonia and perhaps have a chance to reconnect with myself. What will it be like to not worry about rent? utilities? gas? car insurance?


I am having such a hard time documenting this shift that is happening with me. There is so much I am leaving out, but my thoughts are shifting drastically every day. Sept 1st I have no address. That is weird.

I need to find a way to write every day.

MikeyPod 55 | Soundseeing Houston’s Pride Parade

Finally! Soundseeing of the gay pride parade here in Houston. I walked around with my good friend Carolyn Johnson, ran into an old friend, and just roamed my first gay pride parade in years since I dropped the “self-loathing homosexual” routine. Also, new music from Lanky and Bronski Beat’s classic gay anthem, Smalltown Boy (iTunes link).