Month: August 2006

out of pocket

I had to take my trusty MacBook Pro into the Apple Store today.  They took it and are sending it in for diagnostics. All of these issues finally got to me when it started acting cracked out again this morning. Hopefully they will get it all fixed up.  I wonder if there are any others who have made the switch to mac who are feeling as disillusioned as I.

Anyway, I won’t be recording any podcasts until I get it back!

MPOB62 | Composer Eve Beglarian

At last! The hugely talented and inspiring Eve Beglarian and I managed to coordinate our schedules and talk about her new album, Tell The Birds, the ins and outs of being a human being, and lots more. I know the file size is pretty big, but since it’s music, I couldn’t bear to encode it at a smaller rate. Hope you can deal

I should also mention that Eve’s piece Making Hey has never been heard before—-a MikeyPod exclusive!

Music Featured:
Landscaping for Privacy from the album Tell The Birds
Making Hey previously unreleased
Solitude from The Story of B
Written on the Body from Twisted Tutu’s Play Nice

DiverseWorks Houston
Twisted Tutu
Pierre Louÿs
Phil Kline

i harbour all the same worries as most, the temptations to leave or to give up the ghost

I am really sad this morning. Last night I went to see Titus Andronicus at Miller Outdoor Theater with my friend Jim and two of my friends from Unity Theater. What would have once been a typical and mundane excursion became a reminder of the many things I will miss about Houston. There were a number of people in the cast I know and love and have worked with, as well as a number of people in the audience that I knew as well.

I have a great deal of excitement about my stay in Georgia, and about my ultimate arrival in New York. It also feels so perfectly right to be leaving Houston right now. Still, my heart is breaking about what I will be leaving behind. This is the place where I got sober. Where I have overcome so much fear about myself, and learned to do things anyway. So many friends here and people I never want to see again. Last night at the park I had that sense of looking around and seeing so many people that I knew and some that I have never met and never seen before.

I don’t know. This is very difficult to express.

I got some information in the mail from Koinonia Farm with some more details about what my internship will be like. Most everything I had already discussed with the Executive Director Bren Dubay on my podcast interview with her, but this packet included the daily schedule for interns.

7:45 am Weekdays – Silent meditation/prayer
8:15 am Weekdays – Morning devotions (full chapel service on Wednesdays)
After chapel Weekdays – Daily work assignments and check-in
10:30 am. 3:30 pm, 8:30 pm daily – Koinonia bell rings – pause for prayer and meditation
12:00 pm Monday-Friday – Community meal
12:30 pm Monday-Friday – noontime devotions, joys & concerns, and announcements
4:45 Weekdays – Afternoon meditation/prayer
9:15am Wednesdays & 5:15 pm Thursdays – Community study sessions
9:30 am Saturday – Shuttle to Americus (bank, grocery, library, etc.)
6pm Sunday – Potluck

I wonder what it will be like to have these scheduled prayer/meditation times. In my first year of sobriety I prayed and meditated at least once a day, and it really made a tremendous difference in my attitude….in fact I never wondered then if I needed anti-depressants. That is not to say that anti-depressants are not worthwhile, what I mean more is that for me, taking certain actions habitually tends to prevent depression. I have always been hesitant to talk about my spiritual beliefs, because people tend to shut down, or assume I am talking about some particular God or other. That sort of spoils the purpose of trying to have an awareness of spirituality, doesn’t it?

MikeyPod 61 | Two Crazy Women and a Poodle

Dottie Berry and Roby Sapp have been traveling the country for nearly a year “trying to engage hearts and minds and create authentic connections with the goal to dissolve differences that separate us.” So refreshing to hear a new approach toward bringing folks together. I know that my default reaction many times is anger, maybe there is a better way.

Also, some music I love, a couple of promos and thoughts on choosing happiness.

Gay Into Straight America MySpace
Remarkably Mark
Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters
Third Shift Recording Co. Podcast featuring New Sense
Farewell Circuit

Music featured:
Good Day- Natives of the New Dawn Podsafe Music Network iTunes MySpace

Ready to Leave- New Sense Podsafe Music Network iTunes

MikeyPod 60 | Rebecca Nay from Trannywreck Radio

Today’s guest is Rebecca Nay from Tranny Wreck Radio. She is louder than me for some reason, but…well….

Featured Music: The Boob Fairy by Deirdra Flint

impeach the president plz, kthx

MPOV2 | Shackled, Lonely and Beaten

Filmed July 12, 2006 in Downtown Houston. Animal rights activists demonstrate at lunchtime in protest of the arrival of the Ringling Bros. Circus.


Robin Arcuri

Casey Constable

Penny Barrett Hornsby

Jewell Maida

Matt Rice

Stephanie Wood

MikeyPod 59

Podsafe music, my car is dead, listener email, exciting news from Black Math and finding a home for my cats.

Microfilm MySpace iTunes Time Out Article

The Black Math Experiment MySpace iTunes

Ane Brun MySpace iTunes