Month: August 2006

MikeyPod 64 | Activist Ray Hill

I first met Ray Hill in the early 90’s when I became involved with Queer Nation. As a fledgling queer activist, he was always someone I looked up to, as I do to this day. As my time here in Houston is coming to an end, I felt that Ray was one of those people I needed to talk to before I left.

Among his accomplishments are winning four Federal suits against the City of Houston, including a landmark First Amendment US Supreme Court Case: Houston v Hill 107 S.Ct 2502.
Ray was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the ACLU, Texas in 2005. winning four Federal suits against the City of Houston, including a landmark First Amendment US Supreme Court Case: Houston v Hill 107 S.Ct 2502.
Ray Hill
KPFT Pacifica Radio for Peace

computer issues…again

well, I have a great interview to share with you guys, but this mac is giving me shit again.  Apple Care just actually told me they couldn’t help me with this issue and I should use the help menu.  Nice.

Once again wishing I had never switched from PC.

Five Days

Sitting at my (soon to be former) desk drinking coffee from a cup that I will probably take along with me. These are the things that have become important to me. Is it odd that this is what holds my heart now? This cup made it’s way home with me from Unity Theater at some point. It’s worn as hell, but it sat between my legs in my old car steaming me back to Houston some early morning or other. Those are the days I will miss the most…or is that among the most. Not only will I miss unity theater, but the whole “living in Brenham” thing last year was just what I needed in the times that Houston was just too much.

This leaving is getting harder and harder each day. I have always lived in Houston, or been tied to it. you know? Last night my mom and I were planning our trip to Georgia at 59 Diner. I saw a woman that I used to know, but couldn’t remember her name….she and I had that stare at each other that says “I know that I know you but I can’t remember why” that comes with living in a big city like Houston for over thirty years. She was having a going away party, heading off to Denver. Is she thinking these things too?

I have lived so many lives here. I have been the drunk, the druggie, the cranky newly sober, the waiter, the unrequited lover, the stalker and the stalked, the student, the teacher, the pianist, the musical director, the actor, the cabaret chanteuse, the friend, the loved and the despised… and now…that guy that used to.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy and excited about taking this adventure. But I leave on Friday. Five days. Counting today.

there’s something in the air besides the atmosphere

inspired by Liza, here are my favorite pics of myself circa 1988 or so.

This is backstage/on the patio at Number’s here in Houston. That’s Lene Lovich in the middle. The guy on the bottom left is my very first boyfriend, Bam Bam. That was the night I met him. Interesting side note: the other guy in the front is Jonathan Caouette, who went on to write and direct Tarnation. We ran in the same circles in those days.

Okay, the guy in the middle there is Les Chapell, husband of Lene Lovich and also the guitarist for the band, if I remember correctly. Do you like my hair?

please note the PETA t-shirt I was wearing, I was a vegetarian back then.


eggs eggs!

Sure, it was weeks ago when he originally posted it, but my pal Jeb over at The £50 Note Podcast did the greatest tribute to Edith Massey EVAR!

check it!


(edit: this podcast no longer exists :-()

MikeyPod 63 | Why Koinonia?

Intro: Dave Calderbank

Song: New York, New York-Nina Hagen
Kathy Kelly Voices for Creative Nonviolence
PSA: Walter Cronkite for The Peace Alliance
Promo: Ed’s Mixed Bag
Song: Marathon-Celiac
Song: For the Price Of a Cup of Tea- Belle and Sebastian

Okay So Radio

I was Matt Blender’s guest on Okay So Radio today! Check it out!

fate as malleable as clay

This has been a week of such goodbyes.  I spent most of the day Wednesday at my old school.  I chose this week to visit in hopes that I wouldn’t run into many students, but there were a few running around whose parents teach or administrate or other such things.  I went into the gym and saw some kids playing basketball, one of whom was D, who is now entering third grade.  She and I had opportunity to work alone a couple of times last year, and on one of those times she confided to me that she was dyslexic.  She said it in such a sweet matter-of-fact way.  I always tell my students about my own learning issues in these moments, even if I am not specific, you know.  Anyway, since that day we have had a kind of bond going on, and she is always so sweet and honest and open like kids tend to be.

So, she saw me in the gym and came running over to me, gave me a hug and said, “I thought you were leaving?”
“I am, I just came over to say goodbye.”
“Where are you going?”
“I am going to Georgia for a while, and then to New York City.”
“Because I wanted to try living in some new places.”
“Why?” (Her eyes are getting misty now.)
“well, it’s good to try out some different things every now and then.”
“Do you have to go?”
“Yes, i have to go, but I will really miss you.  Do you want another hug?”

So, this has been the hardest goodbye so far, but there are more to come.  I have been avoiding it with friends I know I will see again, but I am really, really going to have a hard time saying goodbye to this place and all of these people I know.  When I am here alone at my computer and typing it out, I can let myself get weepy and all of that, but I have been avoiding it pretty successfully in the outside world.

Last night was most interesting explaining to my atheist father about this Christian community that I will be a part of for the next four months or so.  He really did seem to get and appreciate the spirit of adventure that has inspired me to move there, but I was even put off by the Christian aspect of the place at first, and I am not an atheist.  Diner was great, and I realized when I left that it was one of the first times that I was with my dad and talking about my life that I had no apology in my heart, you know.  I content with having made this decision that I don’t bother with the waiting for approval part of talking to people about it.

That doesn’t that I am not freaking out about how I am going to survive, especially once I get to Brooklyn in January, but I am making a concerted effort to keep thoughts of prosperity in my mind, I mean, it couldn’t hurt!