MikeyPod 253 | Comedian, Composer, and Filmmaker Lauren Maul

I got a message from Bianca at Shark Party Media early last week that she had a perfect guest for the podcast: Lauren Maul. One glance at her latest project, Apologies from Men: The Album convinced me that this was an activist artist I needed to meet.

In Apologies from Men: The Album, Lauren Maul has taken infamous male apology statements and created animated videos of paper dolls set to original music. The album features the apologies of Louis CK, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, Mario Batali, Russell Simmons, Dustin Hoffman, Charlie Rose, and an instrumental song from the men who have been accused but have yet to apologize.

Lauren and I discuss her inspiration for the album, and the “currency of thoughtfulness” that guides her creative process. This is yet another absolutely delightful interview and I am so proud to share this with you!

At the top of the show, I talk a bit about my next 30 days. I’ll be working with two coaches, Mark Wood and Jamie Robinson, twice a week to get my eating and exercise in check I am amped about this! They’ve got a program going called 30 Days of Wellness, and I am suuuuuuuuper excited to have won a contest they were offering.

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Note: Like me, Lauren knows that there is no reason to wear real animal fur. The fur in this photo is 100% faux. If you have found yourself in possession of a real fur coat, please consider donating it to a place like Coats for Cubs where it can be used to rehabilitate orphaned animals. 

A Short Apology by Dustin Hoffman – Lauren Maul
Sorrow & Regret: The Matt Lauer Apology – Lauren Maul

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Photo of Lauren Maul by Glamour Shots of Staten Island.

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