MikeyPod 11 | Free Frances Newton Banner Drop

Calling All Angels-Jane Siberry Soundseeing of Free Frances Newton banner drop on bridges over highway 59. Mind Blindness-Dirty on Purpose Pair by Laurence Simon Dakus Speaks #1 www.freefrances.org Contact Governor Perry by Telephone or fax: * Citizen’s Assistance Hotline: (800) 843-5789 [for Texas callers] * Citizen’s Opinion Hotline: (800) 252-9600 [for Texas callers] * Citizen’s […]

MikeyPod 10 | Jewel Nelms

In this episode I feature an interview with Jewel Nelms. Her daughter is scheduled to be executed on September 14th. For more information about the case and what you can do to stop her death visit www.freefrances.org “Is This The World We Created” by Queen from the album The Works

MikeyPod 9 | The Committee to Free Frances Newton

Tonight I went to a meeting of The Committee to Free Frances Newton. Frances Newton is on death row for allegedly killing her Husband and two children. She is scheduled to be killed on September 14. I am going to continue podcasting at each of the events of this group that I participate in, and […]

MikeyPod 8 | Madge Weinstein

Ex-Boyfriends-Meghan Interview With Madge Weinstein of Yeast Radio Emily Sharpe’s Crawford Update Blog Amy Goodman’s The Exception to the Rulers Mikeypod Exclusive: Scarf by Laurence Simon The Human Touch by Nina Simone fromThe Essential Nina Simone Vol. 2 Questions? Comments?

MikeyPod 7 | Soundseeing at Rat Park

Due to the liberal use of the brown word in this episode, listener discretion is advised. notes: Stereo Total “I Am Naked” from the album Do The Bambi buy it! Promo: Illumination Audio After reading an article in The Houston Press about a Downtown park that is infested with rats, Brandon, Holland, Kortney, and I […]

MikeyPod 6 | Dancer Jane Weiner

I recorded this week’s show in Audacity after reading Todd Cochran’s Podcasting: The Do It Yourself Guide. I am quite¬†happy with the sound this week. YAY! Let me know how it sounds! Hopestone Dance’s Artistic Director Jane Weiner is my guest this week. We spent a rainy friday afternoon together to discuss her upcoming performance […]

MikeyPod 5 | The Orange Show

This week, I take you on a soundseeing tour of The Orange Show which is one of the coolest places in Houston. I am just fascinated with this place. Check out the photographs I took with my beloved roomate’s camera. Also, this week I start a new weekly segment featuring Laurence Simon’s 100 word stories, […]